Orchard Lane

Be part of a suburban sanctuary nestled in Pueblo de Panay’s picturesque  hills!

Possessing the charm of a Filipino-Spanish town in a haven of tropical fruit trees, Orchard Lane is a great place to raise a family where contemporary luxuries, splendid hillside views and soft mountain breezes are an everyday indulgence.

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This Filipino-Hispanic-inspired residential enclave has in its 12-hectare area the following amenities of a gated community:


  •     Landscaped Entrance Gate
  •     Multipurpose Pavilion
  •     Parks and Playground including a Basketball Court
  •     Perimeter Fence, Cemented Roads, and Sidewalks
  •     Drainage, Water, and Electrical facilities

With the planned Pueblo de Panay bridge, Orchard Lane becomes a mere stone's throw away from main Lawaan Highway. This bridge not only makes the said hilltop village more accessible to the city, it also opens up to the public a unique mountain and seascape view of Roxas City.