Roxas City in the Central Philippines ... A city of natural beauty, religious fervor and traditional charm takes a big leap to the future.


Taking that same leap in Philippine countryside development are companies known since 1992 in Nothern Panay Island for residential projects that connote reliability, quality, and value-for-money:


Twin Hearts Realty, together with its holdings company,  Sacred Heart of Jesus Prime Holdings Incorporated,  and partner companies.


  • Sacred Heart of Jesus Prime Holdings, Inc. (SHJPHI) - controls and operates the assets and business interests in the field of real estate development and management, construction and quarrying. Under the umbrella of this holding company are subsidiary companies namely:

  • Victoria Park Realty and Development Corporation - manages Twin Heart Realty’s real estate projects in Capiz Province;

  • SHJ Development Corporation - takes charge of Twin Heart Realty’s real estate projects located in Capiz and Aklan Provinces; and

  •  Blue Chip Builders Incorporated - implements construction, quarrying and engineering works of the its partner-companies.


At Pueblo de Panay township, together with experts, they have crafted the shared dream for “Northern Panay's 1st Masterplanned Community”. It is fostered by their aspirations for the Philippine countryside through the following Corporate Vision, Mission and Goals:


Vision To create an environment-friendly and sustainable “city within a city” that highlights the richness of this Visayan Heritage in its development


Mission: To showcase in its design and workmanship the timeless traditions of a noble people that made Capiz at one point in history as the “Capital for maritime trade and commerce, tradition and culture in the Northern Visayan Island Group”



  1.  Pride as Filipinos,
  2.  Progress and Ecological Balance, and
  3.  People's Quality of Life