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Countryside Development Countryside Development

Countryside Development

Entrepreneurship with Mission

Since the 1960s, the founders of Pueblo de Panay Township have been silent but active partners in Philippine Countryside Development as entrepreneurs in various business areas, including construction. Theirs has been entrepreneurship with a sense of mission — "Living simply so that others may simply live".

It was, however, in 1992 when it became the major and respected player in the real estate and construction industry of Northern Panay Island (Capiz and Aklan). Since then, thousands have benefited from affordable and high quality of products and services its residential. commercial, institutional, and construction products in Roxas City and Kalibo.

Environmental Sustainability

A Garden Township

Pueblo de Panay shall be one of the township developments in the Philippines with pockets of interconnected pedestrian, jogger, and bicycle-friendly sidewalks, gardens, and trails under its Nature Park, with 60% of the over 700 hectares allocated to parks, lagoons, lakes, and open/common spaces.

This makes Pueblo de Panay more than just a township; it is an eco-township where the natural environment from which it rises remains unharmed by progress. The scenic river flows just as smoothly. The mangroves are alive as they should be. Rare flora and fauna move and grow undisturbed, still. The epitome of a balanced development, the townhsip’s infrastructure and landscape meet in a harmonious, sustainable manner.

It shall be an epitome of balanced development – where infrastructure and landscape are merrily mixed in an educational and sustainable manner. An animal rehabilitation center is also planned to rise amidst the township enclave, that provides sanctuary for animals that need attention and care.

After a productive day’s work, nature lovers can walk or bike around its township’s lanes planted with indigenous trees. The adventurous explorers can bring their cameras up the Shrine of Jesus and capture the breathtaking view of Sibuyan Sea. Or simply meander through the township’s hills or mangroves for a brush with rare flora and fauna.

Environmental Sustainability Environmental Sustainability
Spiritual Growth and Healing Spiritual Growth and Healing

Spiritual Growth and Healing

A Testimony of God’s Miracles

Pueblo de Panay Township is also host to a religious landmark — the 132-foot high statue of the "Blessing Jesus Christ" in Roxas City, Capiz! To date, it is the 4th tallest Jesus Christ statue in the world, the tallest in Asia.

Construction of the image began in the last quarter of 2011 and was completed on January 5, 2015. His Excellency Archbishop Jose Advincula, D.D. blessed the image on June 12, 2015, during the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with co-celebrants Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Eugenio Caldeo, Jr. and guest priests.

It is an offshoot of the developer’s faith and gratitude to the Son of God – Jesus Christ – for the many miracles that God has showered on their family, and on Filipinos, in general. As such, places of worship such as this shrine, chapels, and gardens shall continually serve as testimony of how God’s love continues to inspire Filipinos in their life, amidst the challenges of the times.


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